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Hello everyone, my story is not interesting but I guess you deserve to know a little about me so you will gain confidence and knowledge about the author of this website, right?

So there you go, I am MaCC. Call me MACC, Cris or Tina any of the three you like. I graduated Cum Laude with a course of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. I put a lot of hard work to finish my study since I graduated as a student assistant just to get a degree that I could be proud of, It’s my own achievement, it’s my hard work. My Family story was so dramatic because I am just an adopted daughter and drama inside the family goes an on and on but enough with that I don’t want you to drag the drama side of my life. Because of my credentials, I was able to land a job as Fulltime Sales and Marketing Officer in a Prestigious Company in the Philippines and I’m proud to be part of the team who generated 10-figure-sales for my entire 3 years and 7 months as an employee of the company. I’ve been an employee from the time I graduated to the time I got married.


When I started to have my own family I decided to quit my job and venture to the online world. I do a lot of things online (the legit way, okay wag OA- hahaha) I am an ESL Teacher, teaching English online, so I venture to teach. I sell things online to earn a portion of a sale, I flip houses online to earn a commission, I venture to network marketing and many things involve in selling activity to earn a portion of the sale or a commission and that’s how I earn online. That time I didn’t even realize that most of my activity is involved into a type of “affiliate Marketing” which I have a bit of idea but I just don’t take the idea seriously in short I just ignore it and think that, that’s the only thing how affiliate marketing works, I was wrong.


After a long time of browsing the internet, I saw a person who was able to generate income doing things he loves online. And I figure it out that it was under my profession as a marketing professional so a lot of stuff is just around my profession. So I started to engage in internet marketing. But honestly having that vast information online is so overwhelming that would lead you to a piece of a scribble, you do different things at once that makes you go back and forth with everything you do in short you’re trapped in the world of information paralysis.


I have so much information online that I even take notes to follow them and learn from it. I ended up learning everything but forget that I spend so much with the information that I lack implementation. Until I realized to do the action step but I ended up stuck along the road. Why? Because I did the DIY route, I’m not saying you cannot do the DIY route but your progress will delay you to your goals just like what happened to me (this is based on my experience). You have so much information that you forget to follow the process and the right structure to implement it because you have no one to guide you on the road and sometimes the road you have taken is not the road meant for you so you ended up frustrated and thinking what am I doing, am I doing it right? I just wasted my time without evaluating where I’m heading.



Then I realize that in order to attain anything you want, you need to have a solid foundation of the path you choose to take and having a mentor to guide you, is a plus and so I decided to enroll courses, learn from the expert and join the community of like-minded people and that’s where I was able to gain clarity of my goals and be an expert in the field I chose as a digital marketer specifically in the field of affiliate marketing. I was able to hone my skill, and this help me to narrow my approach and target the right people.






Now is my mission to give my full commitment to share all of you the journey of learning and earning income in the area of Affiliate Marketing. All resources and great contents that help me grow in this field I will share it here so you can benefit from it as it would also be useful for your growth here in the affiliate marketing industry.

Learning affiliate Marketing is learning your way to make money online simply of having just a laptop, an internet connection, and your dedication. This online-money-making-journey that’s what I called it, is the secret of some millionaires who were able to leverage and earn a stable income just doing affiliate marketing. This is absolutely the Silent Money Maker that can provide and give you the life of financial freedom and do the things you love most of the time.

One thing I am very excited about is, this blog I created would be more dedicated to my Filipino audience so I could help a lot of you to open your eyes and informed you about how vast the opportunity that online entrepreneurship can offer to all of you, my dear Filipino. You can do things you love while earning at the same time. You can sleep anytime you want and still earn income at the same time. You can travel anywhere and still earn income at the same time, all you have to do is open your mind and welcome the chance of earning your freedom through affiliate marketing online.

I can just keep this information by myself but NO, I won’t do that. My purpose is to educate my Filipino community in order for everyone to escape the rat race life in our community, you just have to know where to look information and indulge yourself to learning, exposed yourself in this vast opportunity of online entrepreneurship doing affiliate marketing, even if you are not a writer, or an introvert as long as you’re hungry for growth.

Remember, this will only be possible if;

  1. You are committed to follow
  2. You are in the right attitude
  3. You are in the right work ethics
  4. You know how to empty your cup
  5. You are hungry for growth and if
  6. You are not afraid to fail

When all of this intact, all things are possible for you to get an online business that can sustain your financial needs in a lifetime.

Remember to focus on why you want to have to do this? Why are you taking this route?

Follow the route you think that fits you remember I’ve been dealing with a lot of things before I figure out where I was really meant to be and so are you.

So I encourage every one of you who loves the journey of getting financial freedom doing affiliate marketing and enjoy life doing what you love then let me help you and ride with me on this journey.

If you have anything in mind or questions just ask me, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Follow me and offer your own opinions, let’s make this ride a healthy and abundant one. Thanks for stopping by The Affiliate Marketing Route and reading my story. Your story can be just incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

All the best,




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